Global Sourcing Solutions

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GSS Engineering can help your company source and procure items both domestically and overseas. While the benefits and cost savings are obvious, for the inexperienced company overseas sourcing can be extremely complicated and wrought with peril. GSS Engineering has developed strategic alliances all over the world and will help you source the right product, at the right price, while saving you precious time and improving your bottom line. GSS Engineering's Global Sourcing efficiencies allow you to unlock the potential of our network of hundreds of overseas manufacturers. All of our suppliers have been pre-qualified based on standards of high quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing.


GSS Engineering sources your request through our entire network of overseas manufacturers to negotiate the best possible price and the highest quality available. Also, our experience dealing with the negotiation practices of suppliers worldwide allows us to find not just a better price; we seek the best price for our customers.

Shipping and Customs

From tariffs to traffic, GSS Engineering has the expertise needed to ensure that international shipments clear customs in full compliance with regulations. We'll even ship directly to you!

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is a complex process where accurate communication of design specifications is key. GSS Engineering specializes in managing all aspects of the manufacturing process to bring even the most unique products to their customers.

Buyers on Asia Pacific Region

GSS Engineering has relationships with manufacturers through out Asia Pacific region. These are not just long distance relations - our buyers have met with suppliers face to face, seen their factories, and ensured that they have a true commitment to quality products.

Quality Inspection services

In addition to the frequent supplier meetings and factory visits by GSS Engineering staff, we employ the services of multiple internationally recognized inspection firms. From chemical tests, to material properties, to FDA requirements, to Final Random Inspections before shipping, GSS Engineering ensures that all items are correctly manufactured, meet all specified standards, and ship exactly as planned.